July 2020 – Chair Yoga for Seniors, MS, Parkinson’s, for anyone who does not want to get down on the floor.

Adaptive Chair Yoga with Gail

Here are my July 2020 videos for you to enjoy!

First Week July 1, 2020

Adaptive Chair Yoga ==> https://youtu.be/ELuoGOISNow

Second Week July 9, 2020

Adaptive Chair Yoga ==> https://youtu.be/CHgHojYKld4

Third Week July 17, 2020

Adaptive Chair Yoga Fitness ==> https://youtu.be/5Sfz0-tIjM4

One I did for the Veterans Yoga Project, but you probably enjoy too!

Adaptive Gentle Yoga ==> https://youtu.be/V3F3gUtp_tI

Fourth Week July 21, 2020

Adaptive Gentle Yoga ==> https://youtu.be/3MD5o6CJgY0

Fifth Week July 28, 2020

Adaptive Chair Yoga ==> https://youtu.be/hK5TRmJHLrA

Plus an additional Seated Cardio Fitness Routine to do when you want additional heart healthy benefits.

Adaptive Chair Yoga Fitness ==> https://youtu.be/At0JwqWuRuY

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