Day 6 of 10 Day Chair Yoga Challenge

Day 6 of 10 Day Chair Yoga Challenge with Get Fit Where You Sit Chair Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger. Over 20 years of teaching experience!

Day 6 of 10 Day Chair Yoga Challengeof Chair Yoga Fitness and Seated Fitness with Gail

We are halfway there!

Yay – the gift of Yoga continues: Here are three YouTube videos for you to try today. I’d appreciate a Subscribe on my channel or like here!

I get questions from folks. Do I have to get down on the floor to do yoga? Nope! Get a good workout even seated on the chair, or standing behind the chair! These classes are for you!

What do I need for these classes?

The Mansions at Alpharetta Assisted Living & Memory Care use a strap, chair and weights for these class. Always optional though!
  • A chair
  • A strap – optional – but you could use a long towel, dog leash, or belt from a robe or tie
  • A yoga mat – optional
  • If you have any hand weights 1-2lbs at the most, or two equal sized water bottles – 8 oz or 12 oz.
Adaptive Chair Yoga with Gail – Enjoy!
Seated Dance Fitness part, can skip this and go on to part 3!
Last part of our Chair Yoga Fitness Class. A bit of standing behind the chair with options of staying seated. Enjoy!







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