As an experience Yoga Teacher, I can work with you to start you on your fitness journey!

Chair Yoga to Ease Osteopenia / Osteoporosis

Yoga sessions one on one through a private Facebook Live session or through a private link through the Zoom Video Conferencing.

“I was only twenty-nine years old when I had to have both of my ovaries removed due to various problems.  I suffered with threatening pelvic phlebitis and faced a future of ovarian cancer should I choose not to have an oophorectomy, the removal of both ovaries.  It was not a difficult decision for me to make because I suffered pain most of the time.  But the most wonderful thing in my favor was the fact that I already had given birth to five beautiful, healthy children; three girls and two boys!

Before surgery I was told the negative side effects by my doctors, such as bone loss resulting in osteoporosis at an early age. Sure enough in my late sixties a bone scan proved that   to be true.  At that time I was told to increase my calcium intake and exercise, which I did. I went to the gym a few years until I began having minor trouble with one knee and I was told by my orthopedic surgeon to stop going to the gym which I did, also. Shortly after that I experienced a fracture in my upper back and consequently, I was put on a bone building medicine which caused extreme pain in my bones.  I tried faithfully for several years to take the bone building medications and was told by one doctor not to take the medication anymore because of the pain I suffered. A few years later, I was given a new bone scan which showed osteoporosis had advanced and my doctor asked me to take the injection which I refused.  He then asked me if I would do him a favor and I said that I would.  It was then that he asked me to go back to the gym and to start taking yoga, and I did both.

I started taking yoga classes from Gail on February 2, 2016, which has been eight months and even though I have not had a bone scan to prove that my bone strength has increased, I know that my body is physically stronger and I enjoy the hour I spend in class immensely.  Not only is Gail a wonderful, gifted instructor, she is also a joy to be around because of her wonderful sense of humor.  I look forward to every class and know that each class is bringing me closer to new bone strength I need in my life at the age of eighty-three.  I try hard to do my poses each day to add to the strengthening of my bones, but most of the time I do miss at least two days a week with no practice. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine not practicing and working toward improvement in yoga during the time I do not have Gail with me.  Practicing is enjoyment and challenge to me to improve in what Gail is trying to teach me.

My lessons in yoga are done in the privacy of my home, but I would go elsewhere if need be. But Gail wants to make yoga available to everyone so she will accommodate a client by going to their home.

I have been taking yoga for eight months, and I am looking forward to continuing my instructions for a very long time.  I have felt much improvement in my physical health and mental health, as well. I suggest to anyone of any age to consider doing yoga for the purpose of improving one’s health, but also for enjoyment.  Gail has a great record to show for her time spent in learning and in teaching yoga.  She is considered advanced in her skill so you will not be disappointed by being under her instruction!”  Fall of 2017.  From Inez, a private yoga client, who wanted to work on building her strength. Port Neches, Texas