Benefits of Chair Yoga – Pain relief through movement – Get you back to feeling better!

  • Doctor told you to go to “Yoga”?
  • You have hip, knee, pain to where you cannot easily get down on the floor?
  • Balance a bit wobbly, and you want to improve?
  • You want to ease your osteopenia or osteoporosis with clinically proven yoga method?

Chair yoga does that! Yes, Why Yes it does!

You Don’t Have To Be Able To Touch Your Toes or Bend Like A Pretzel To Gain Massive Benefits From a Chair Yoga Fitness Class!

The Mansions at Alpharetta Assisted Living and Memory Care – What a great bunch of folks!

Discover How To: Lessen stress, ease back pain, increase strength & flexibility, better balance & joint mobility, lower your blood pressure, improve your cardiovascular heart health, and quite possibly sleep better through the night. The secret? It’s Yoga.

Chair Yoga Does This and More!

Pain relief through movement – Get you back to feeling better!
Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail Pickens-Barger


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