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Here’s a great chair yoga sequence, enjoy!

Chair Yoga sequence for you to get started in your yoga practice.

More info on the Benefits of Chair Yoga shown Here


YogaJP has a great list of Chair Yoga Benefits on their site.  You can also get access to some of their online youtube classes, subscribe to their online classes.  This can be very beneficial in that if you don’t have a Chair Yoga Instructor close by, you get access to quality Chair Yoga Programs at your computer fingertips!

Chair Yoga is approved by the Arthritis Foundation to ease the aches and pains of arthritis sufferers and is very beneficial for people with sedentary lifestyles.

Chair Yoga Benefits

  • Increases circulation – Range of motion movements in the feet, legs, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows help the general well-being and function of the heart.
  • Aids heart and lung functions – The breathing techniques used in this approach are very effective for people with emphysema and asthma and aid in heart function.
  • Improves mental clarity – Following the directions and guidance of a yoga teacher challenges the brain and supports the mind/body connection for better mental processing.
  • Reduces aches and pains – Gentle movements lubricate and nourish the joints and connective tissue to ease the pain of arthritis and other neuromuscular conditions.
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety – Combining slow, rhythmic breathing with gentle movements helps to calm the nervous system, slow the mind and allow time for well-deserved peace and relaxation.
Just for starters here are five benefits of yoga * Flexibility * Posture * Breathing * Less Stress * Heart Health
Just for starters here are five benefits of yoga * Flexibility * Posture * Breathing * Less Stress * Heart Health…..and there are about 96 more medical conditions helped by yoga! Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Yoga for Healthy Aging – Another great site for all things about Yoga for Healthy Aging, including video demonstrations about yoga poses, and some done at the wall and from a chair or using the chair as a prop.  Also access to several renowned yoga instructors who often provide course content on the popular continuing education site YogaUOnline.  Love Baxter Bell (one of my “bucket” list yoga teachers I want to meet someday), and crew.  Dr. Bell and associates on the site have written a book, “Yoga for Healthy Aging Book“, and it is well worth your money to acquire.

Get Fit Where You Sit

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga™ is based on the 5000-year-old yoga postures (called asanas) and breathing techniques plus other Eastern and Western movements her students find beneficial.  Lakshmi has modified these poses for the chair making the health and fitness benefits accessible to everyone.

In addition to adapting the poses for use on a chair, she has modified them to take into account the fact that everyone has a different level of flexibility (or range of motion).  Therefore, Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga™ is presented in low, moderate and high posture levels so you can learn how to adapt them to your personal needs.  She has even accounted for varying degrees of flexibility in your upper and lower body as well as your right and left sides.  This innovative fitness approach makes her chair yoga programs suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

Your level of flexibility may vary from day-to-day; so, vary your posture levels to ones that are comfortable for you while practicing chair yoga.  Remember, that no matter the level of flexibility you achieve on any given day, you are receiving all the health benefits of Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga™.

In addition to the postures and movements, these chair yoga classes are a more complete form of exercise than most because they incorporate proper breathing.

You learn beneficial breathing techniques that are a key aspect of reaching optimum health.  These deep breathing techniques more fully oxygenate your body and massage your organs.  This improves your energy and mental clarity while reducing pain and anxiety.  Following the breathing techniques, not only during your chair yoga but throughout your daily life, significantly enhances your health and well-being.

Lakshmi has online chair yoga access, DVD & CD.  Her method is doing all of your yoga seated, which is a nice variation in accessing yoga!  I enjoyed her training in New York City at the Open Center back in 2011.

I often get requests for backlinks, so I’ve created this space to help facilitate that.  So if you have a similar site, please contact me so that we can share!

Neil Patel – Integration of SEO on your website.

I’m using the ideas on increasing search engine optimization (SEO) with this site from Neil Patel – Advanced CheatSheet SEO.  Found him on youtube in looking for clear, concise (and entertaining) SEO optimization.  I’m wondering though if this ole girl still has it in her to do a site.  We shall see yes?

Lesa Crowe – Atomic Marketing

As always, thank you Lesa Crowe, Atomic Marketing, for allowing me to become a virtual assistant intern for a couple of weeks in the spring of 2019.  Found out that I was a passionate content creator (yoga of course).  Go take a look at her award-winning work.  She and her crew are amazing!

Kayla’s IvoryMix

Kayla over at Ivory Mix.  Wow, free guides, free stock photos, courses and more!  Love her VIP facebook, courses & photography for all things social media.  She has this great tutorial on making a puzzle grid on instagram.  Go check her out too!


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