#thatthat new #chairyogadance with Gail

I thought, maybe this routine could be done seated on the chair. That way my folks who are challenged with their cardio fitness, could also enjoy dancing to this great song! Thanks #PSY and #Suga of #BTS for creating this great song and music video.

A bit of office yoga for you! With Gail P-B.

Mountain, Half Moon, Seated Twist, Cat/Cow, Sciatica Soother, Chest Expansion/Joint Mobility, Seated Revolved Twist, Warrior II, Triangle/Pyramind, Lunge Warrior/DownDog, Dancer/Tree, Upper body mobility/Cow Arms, Breathing/Counted Breath on the chair!

Great poses to do in the office environment. Allow movement in the body on a regular basis, and avoid repetitive stress challenges in working at the desk for long periods of time

Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail P-B.

A demonstration of Warrior II posture seated on the chair with dynamic tension running from the hips through the soles of the feet. Contraction of the shoulder blades towards the spine, helps to strengthen the upper back, while a mild twist over the leg toward the front to the chair engages the core in an oh, so interesting way.

We occasionally do some of our warrior postures seated upon the chair, for a bit of variety. On this day, twenty-two of us proceeded to do seated spinal balance, warrior II, reverse warrior, and extended side angle. Sometimes we do these postures also standing, with the chair in front of us. Love using the chair as a yoga prop. Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail P-B.

Online Yoga Classes with Gail Pickens-Barger

Low Back Care Yoga Classes. Optional gear, using walls and chairs.