Try “Sing” by Pentatonix – a new * Chair Yoga Dance * Routine by Gail

Try “Sing” by Pentatonix – a new * Chair Yoga Dance * Routine by Gail

My daughter and I listen to this CD in the car going back and forth to school every day. I thought, “Oh, I need to do this song next for the * Chair Yoga Dance * class, that I’m preparing for”.

Here’s the part where I teach you the choreography to the song.

Teaching the Dance Moves to “Sing” for * Chair Yoga Dance * Routine by Gail Pickens-Barger. Enjoy!

“Sing” by Pentatonix * Chair Yoga Dance * by Gail Pickens-Barger, here we are doing the choreography. I hope you enjoy this! I enjoyed figuring it out.

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A 3 minute heart pumping, low impact workout.  Great for joint mobility, heart health, range of motion, brain coordination and fun!
A 3 minute heart pumping low impact workout. Great for joint mobility, heart health, range of motion, brain coordination and fun!

Chair Yoga Dance with Gail

Now an official Chair Yoga Dance instructor – training from Yoga Vista Academy

Now I am a certified Chair Yoga Dance instructor! I absolutely loved this training.
The many benefits of incorporating Chair Yoga Dance routines in your Chair Yoga Classes!
  • Memory
  • Coordination
  • Body Functions
  • Balance
  • Lifts our Spirits
  • Community
  • and bonus for instructors, keeps us Teachers Sharp!
Chair Yoga Dance your way to better health!

Yoga Vista Academy made a assessment earlier in August for people to evaluate if they could figure out the beats to music and the ability to teach a Chair Yoga Dance routine. Amazing. This then led you to evaluate if you be interested in becoming a Chair Yoga Dance instructor.

I had been curious about this training, especially after taking the amazing Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care training with them. So I knew training would be awesome.

Sherry took you through different methods in evaluating music. Breaking it down to beats, to chorus/verse/intro/outro, listening and reading the lyrics, then coming up with backstories why one likes the song, and teaching the chorus to the students.

Part of the certification process is to do one of Sherry’s routines, and then come up with one of your own. You had to break down the lyrics and map out the moves according to the Chair Yoga Dance moves in the eight song library, provided to you in the training.

Here is the routine that I mapped, taught, and presented out on youtube.

Do You Love Me – The Contours – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – Chair Yoga Dance routine presented by Gail Pickens-Barger

Then I chose one of the routines in the eight song library, to teach back according to the instructions given for getting certified in Chair Yoga Dance.

Locomotion – Carole King – Chair Yoga Dance Teach Back Presentation by Gail Pickens-Barger

Join me on Youtube – YogawithGaileee – as I update my Chair Yoga Dance Library and start to add new routines!






Enjoy a little seated chair yoga dance fitness with Gail

Enjoy a little seated chair yoga dance fitness with Gail

Enjoy these seven songs of seated chair dance fitness with Gail. Hit the Road Jack, Shake Senora, Crazy Love, Me Gusta, Bailando, Mambo Italiano and You’re the One That I Want! #seateddancefitness #chairyogafitness #yogawithgaileee

In this video, we are inviting cardio dance fitness, but seated on the chair.

I am a licensed Zumba Instructor, with Core, Gold, Toning, Rhythms 2 specialties. Chair Yoga Dance

00:00 Hit the Road Jack

2:53 Shake Shake Shake Senora (BeetleJuice)

6:26 Grab Weights (optional) Zumba Mara’s Crazy Love

9:36 Me Gusta – Shakira

12:44 Grab Weights (optional) Bailando

16:47 Mambo Italiano

19:41 You’re the One That I Want

After about the second year of teaching adaptive chair yoga for the National MS Society (and had taken the Zumba Instructor training), I added 2 songs to our chair yoga class, to see if the students responded to it. Wow! They were so excited. Then I took the Zumba Toning (the 1lb or 2.5 lbs shaking sticks), so we could do some light weights along with the cardio dance fitness part.

You can easily do with Part 2 of the Chair Yoga Fitness program. But everyone gets really excited about this part, singing along, being a bit goofy, and having community with one another. I think they love it when I mess up. Ha. So enjoy this part, sing-along, make fun of me!

The main part is if you REST, you gonna RUST! Move it!

Chair Yoga Fitness: What do you need?

* A Chair * 1 – 2 lb weights on this workout.

* Water

* Maybe a kleenex or hand towel, cause you might sweat…you just might!

Cardio Dance Fitness Benefits:?

* Cardiovascular – get the heart muscle pumping, cause if you REST you gonna RUST.

* We also X or cross over, which is a alzheimer prevention technique. Music, crossing over the mid-line (Think BRAIN Gym for adults) is good stuff.

* Parkinson’s peeps benefit from this, again, it is dancing, music, muscle memory enhancement.

* Belonging – when you “sing” it makes you “feel” part of your community.

The benefits?

Discover how to: Ease back pain, lessen stress, increase flexibility, gain strength, cardio heart health, better balance, build bone mass, lower blood pressure, have higher quality sleep, and increased joint mobility…all through a regular practice of chair yoga. Remember, you don’t have to get down onto the floor to do yoga!