Chair Yoga practices for you!

Chair Yoga practices for you.

Similar to a mat yoga practice, chair yoga can help you to discover how to: #BuildBones #IncreaseStrength #BeLessStiff #EaseBackPain #LowerBloodPressure #GainFlexibility #BetterJointMobility #ImproveCirculation and more! Come do these Youtube Videos and arrange for a private one on one or small group class! Yoga With Gail. 409-727-3177

Less than 40 minutes, chair yoga fitness class for you. Enjoy!
Another chair yoga practice to do! Enjoy!
45 minute chair yoga practice for you! Enjoy this class with a nice guided rest practice at the end. Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail Pickens-Barger

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Chair Yoga Fitness for you to do today!

Chair Yoga Fitness for you to do today!

Get a bit of cardio fitness today seated on the chair!

You don’t have to bend like a pretzel to get your cardio fitness! And on the chair too!

Get a bit of seated yoga and meditation in too!

Better Sleep & Joint Mobility, Increase Strength & Flexibility, Lessen Stress & Back Pain and More! Enjoy!

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Chair, and Still Break A Sweat!

These seated chair yoga dance fitness routines are a great bump in your cardio fitness efforts.

Please join me with some light weights – 1 lb or 2 lb – or maybe some 8 or 12 ounce water bottles, and lets start getting some cardio fitness into your everyday routines.

Light weights 1 lb or 2 lb, or use 8 oz or 12 oz water bottles. Can also do the routine without the weights. Always keep it between the easy and the ouch! ==> Youtube routine
Put down those weights and enjoy these two routines to get that heart rate up a bit. You can break a sweat while still being seated on your chair! Always keep it between the easy and the ouch! ==> Youtube Routine

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