Veterans Yoga Project Live Yoga Classes

May 11 through May 15 Live Yoga schedule - Yoga Near Me - Chair Yoga Near Me

I am teaching the Flow Yoga for Low Back Pain class on Friday at 10:00 AM Central Time. over at VYP Online Streaming Classes facebook page. Come join me! I use the chair to help one get down onto the floor, and then up from the floor.  This class is maining on the floor yoga … Continue reading Veterans Yoga Project Live Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail – Staycation

Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail - Staycation Here are 3 Staycation videos that you can do. Chair Yoga Fitness. Part 1 - Breathing, Circulation & Warm up of muscles. Part 2 - Cardio Seated Dance Fitness. Part 3 - Standing, Strengthening, Balancing, Yogic Sleep Meditation. Sample a few chair yoga videos I recently did to … Continue reading Chair Yoga Fitness with Gail – Staycation

Free Chair Yoga near me

Join me through Facebook Live for this Free Chair Yoga class, on Thursday, March 19, 2020 Central Standard Time. The National MS Society has suspended all group exercise classes at this time. I want you to continue your yoga practice, so I'm hosting this class for YOU./ Adaptive Chair Yoga and Beginners Yoga teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger, 409-727-3177. Website to join? Facebook Page

Free Chair Yoga near me I am hosting a free Chair Yoga Fitness class on March 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time. #nationalmssociety #freeyoga #chairyogafitness Questions?  Please call Gail Pickens-Barger, Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher, and Adaptive Yoga for  MS Yoga teacher.  409-727-3177.  Thank you